April 22, 2020

How to setup flutter with the android studio?

By Mohit Agrawal

The easiest method for setting up flutter in the android studio within 20 mins.

In this blog, we will be exploring how to enable flutter SDK in android studio.

Officially flutter supports android studio.

Click here for official documentation.


  • Flutter SDK: Download the flutter SDK by clicking on the above link and keep it in a secure place. Remember the path because you will be needing it later.
  • Android Studio: Download the latest android studio and make it running.
  • Android virtual device: Set up the Android virtual device. I will prefer android P and below because Q is in the beta stage now. You can also connect your physical device but make sure it is detected by the android studio.

The problems which I have faced while setting up Flutter with the android studio.

  • The first time it may not run: When you create any new project and run it for the first time then it downloads the required Gradle file from the internet which is a time taking process. If you don’t have proper internet speed then get ready for multiple tries.
  • Setting up AVD: I feel Android Q is in beta version, so its lil buggy. So I will personally recommend to use android P or below.

Check out the complete video tutorial:

Can I use flutter in Android Studio?

Yes, in fact, the android studio is one of the officially recommended IDE. You can follow this tutorial for setting up.

How do I check my flutter SDK path?

Just install dart and flutter plugins as shown in this tutorial and then you do not need set paths using command line. I have made it easy for you.

Is flutter easy to learn?

Yes, I have personally found that flutter is very easy compared to react and phone-gap.

Do I need to learn DART to use flutter?

If you have basic knowledge of programming then you can learn it while doing the development itself. Just start with some basic tutorials and learn on the go.

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