June 29, 2020

How to generate signed APK for the Flutter project

By Mohit Agrawal

I like the developing mobile apps using the Flutter but when it comes to generating a signed APK or app bundle for the Flutter project then it becomes a little tricky đŸ€Ș. Because there are many ways you can generate the project build.

In this tutorial, I will show you the simplest way of generating singed APK for the project. For this method, you need to set up your flutter project in android studio.

Let’s see the complete process of generating signed APK

STEP 1 If you check your flutter project directory then you find a folder named ‘android’.


This ‘android‘ folder we have to open in the android studio. For this, open the android studio and click on ‘Open an existing android app project’. Now it will ask you to choose the project location. So we have to choose the android folder from our project directory.


After opening the android folder you will get something like the below screenshot.


STEP 2 Now click on the Build -> Generate signed APK / bundle.


After this, you will get two options. The first one is the app bundle and the second one is for APK. The process is pretty much similar to both of them. Check the below FAQ section for more detail.

Choose the APK option click on Next.

STEP 3 In this step, we will see how to make a new key for app signing purposes. So click on the ‘Create new‘ button.


In order to generate a new key, you will have to set a password and fill up some general info as asked in the below screenshot.


I will also recommend you to take a screenshot before you click on the OK button because these data will be used in future for build generation.

STEP 4 This is the last step of build generation for the flutter project.

Choose the release option and check the V2 box. Now click on Finish. Android studio will start the process of generating signed APK. It takes a while depending on your system configuration.


Once the build is generated, you will see a locate option on the bottom right side of the android studio. Click on the locate option to see your build location đŸŠčđŸ»â€â™‚ïž.


If you are facing any issue then let me know it in the comment section. I will try to help you as soon as possible.


  1. What is difference between APK and app bundle ?

    App bundle can only be used if you have to upload it to the play store. It is very smaller in size compare to APK and can be uploaded on the play store in lesser time. App bundle can not be installed on the device directly.
    But APKs are used to install the app directly on the device.

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