June 24, 2020

Connect hostinger domain to Firebase hosting

By Mohit Agrawal

Learn how to connect hostinger or any custom domain to your Firebase hosting

Firebase custom domain


In my latest firebase hosting tutorial, I have covered the complete guide on how to use a free Firebase hosting service. Firebase Hosting has many advantages like it is very fast, secure, and free SSL certificates 🤩. But hosting is incomplete without a domain. So let’s see how you can connect the hostinger domain to Firebase hosting.

If you have purchased the domain from go-daddy or any other company then no need to worry because the basic process will be the same.

Steps for connecting a custom domain to the Firebase Hosting

STEP 1 Open your Firebase hosting dashboard and click on the button ‘Add custom domain’.

firebase custom domain 1

STEP 2 Type your domain name and click on continue.

firebase custom domain 2

STEP 3 Copy the TXT record from the Firebase and paste it in your Hostinger domain TXT record.

firebase custom domain 3
Copy TXT from Firebase
firebase custom domain 4
Paste it in your domain TXT records

Click on the Verify button after updating the TXT records in Hostinger.

STEP 4 This is going to be the final step. In this step, we need to update A records of the domain in Hostinger with the new A records provided by the firebase.

Copy the A records from the Firebase as shown in the below screenshot.

firebase custom domain 5

And paste them into A records of your domain.

firebase custom domain 6

Click on the ‘Finish’ button. Now try to open your custom domain in the browser. If you have done everything properly till here then you will be able to access your firebase hosting from your custom domain. Please let me know in the comment if you are facing any issue.

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