April 24, 2020

Messenger for kids: How it is safer for your children?

By Mohit Agrawal

Read this article before installing this app on your kid’s phone.

messenger kids

Facebook has recently rolled out its new app Messenger for kids to the market. The main aim here is to keep the eye on your children’s activities and save them from predator threats. I am going to list out the pros and cons for this app.


  • Parents have to install the app to the kid’s phone and kids can chat only with the contacts which parents approve.
  • No phone number is required for sign up.
  • Parents can control the kid’s contact.
  • It’s easy to monitor kid’s messages.
  • The parent can set a use limit for a particular session.
  • Facebook does not display any type of ads or in-app purchases.


  • Only one child can contact to another child. It does not allow parents to chat with the kids.
  • Few users have complained about the bad call quality.
  • You have to have a mobile device to use this app. It can not be used on chrome book or any browser. Suppose you have two kids then you need two separate devices for them.
  • You can not add multiple kid’s accounts in one device.

These are the my review for the Facebook’s new app “Messenger for kids“.

Download the android app from here and apple app from here.

Is Messenger for kids free?

messenger kids

Yes, It is for both android iOS platform.

Can parents read kid’s chat on Messenger for kids?

Yes, the parent has full control over the kid’s activity. They can chat only with the contacts approved by the parent.

Can I install multiple kid’s accounts on Messenger for kids?

No, as of the this feature is not available. Only one account can be linked to a. single device.

Can I use Messenger for kids from the browser?

No, as of now this feature is not available. You have to have a device to use this app.

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