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February 24, 2021

Custom UITabelView Footer with dynamic height

Design custom Footer view with dynamic height Hey devs, welcome to another iOS tutorial. Today I will show you how to design a custom view as a Footer view. Suppose you have to display some text in the Footer view but the text comes from the server and you don’t know the length of it. To handle this type of scenario we need to make […]

September 16, 2020

Design your own Custom Alert in iOS

Awesome custom alert with swift Introduction In native UIAlert we do not get many options to make it super-duper. So in today’s tutorial, I will show you a simple way to design your own custom alert. The approach which I am using to use is very easy to understand. If you get it then you can design any complex alert without having any problem 🦹🏻. […]

August 19, 2020

Home Screen Quick Action in iOS app

Let’s see how to implement quick action features in your iOS app Introduction Welcome back to another iOS tutorial. Today’s tutorial is more about how to make your iOS app more advanced in terms of the user’s perspective. In this iOS tutorial, you will learn how to add implement home screen quick action feature in your iOS app. What is Home screen quick action? Apple […]

August 12, 2020

Lottie animation progress in iOS

How to use Lottie animation as a custom progress bar in iOS? Introduction Whenever we need to execute some task and it takes a considerable amount of time then its good practice to show some kind of progress bar to the user. In my previous tutorial, I have shown you how to add Lottie animation in the iOS app. Today I will show you some […]

July 31, 2020

Lottie animation in iOS app

Let’s see what is Lottie animation and how to use it in iOS app? Introduction Hey coders πŸ‘‹ , in this article I will show you the easiest way of using awesome animations in your iOS app. We will explore and see how to implement Lottie animation in your iOS app. What is Lottie animation? Lottie is a tool that generates the JSON based animation […]

June 14, 2020

Design a simple dice roll app in ios swift

A simple dice roll app tutorial designed for beginners Overview If you are a beginner in iOS app development then you can learn many things just by designing a simple app only. Slowly you can move ahead with some advance design. In this tutorial, you be learning many new basic concepts like how to use image view, button, and simple animation in ios swift. Just […]

May 30, 2020

OTP textfield in iOS swift

Design fully customizable OTP textfield in iOS Overview Welcome to my new article on how you can design OTP textfield in iOS. Let me show what we are going to design first 😎. Introduction This tutorial will only cover the design part of the OTP text field, not the validation part. If you want the validation part as well then please let me know in […]

May 5, 2020

How to design the floating action button in ios swift.

Create the floating action button (FAB) in your ios app. In this blog, I will guide you on basic design and animation principles in iOS. We will see the easiest way of designing the floating action button menu (FAB). Let’s start the coding part. First, create a new blank Xcode project and do the initial setup. Open the main storyboard and create four buttons at […]