Tag: android beginners tutorial

June 22, 2020

Change the gradient color dynamically in android

Learn how to change the gradient color dynamically like the old Instagram login UI In this short android tutorial, I will show you how to animate the gradient color in android. If you are an Instagram user then you must remember the old login page UI with a dynamic color gradient background. Today I will guide you to design your own gradient view with dynamic […]

June 9, 2020

How to set firebase remote config values in android

Update your app behavior without publishing the new build using firebase remote config Introduction Have you ever thought of changing some of your app features instantly without distributing an app update 🤔? Yes..right. Sometimes being a developer you might want to tweak some parameters in your app and want to test its behavior with live users without rolling out a new update. Here comes the […]

May 28, 2020

Launch one app from another app in android

In this small tutorial learn how to launch one app from another app in android. I will be using Kotlin to demonstrate this. The final output will be like this. It has one button and on clicking it I am opening the YouTube app from my app. Let’s start the coding part. Implementation Create a new kotlin android project. Now design a simple button and […]