August 13, 2020

Crack wifi handshake using hashcat in windows.

By Mohit Agrawal

You can use GPU power for hacking the world.

Let me start by explaining that why are we going to use windows GPU power to crack wifi handshake using hashcat but not the traditional way of cracking using Linux. The obvious answer to this question is speed. Yes using windows GPU you can crack WPA/WPA2 handshake 50 times faster compared to your Linux system. This what known as a “hack like a pro bro πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»”.

What all do you need to wifi handshake using hashcat?

  • Handshake file for a WIFI that you want to crack.
  • Password list which contains all the possible password (also known as wordlist or password dictionary).
  • Most important i.e. hashcat tool.

Now follow these steps:

1. Download the hashcat tool

First, you need to download the hashcat tool which I will be using here. I found this tool better compare to other tools available on the internet. Click to download the hashcat binaries file from here.

hashcat image

2. Get a password dictionary

Unzip the downloaded file to any specific location as shown in the video given below. Now copy your dictionary file inside the folder which you have unzipped. The extracted files are like this.


3. Create a bat file

Now inside the same directory create one file with a “.bat” extension and name it to attack.bat. Inside this file copy these two lines and paste it. The two lines are:

hashcat64.exe -m 2500 capture.hccapx rockyou.txt

Here capture.hccapx is the name of wifi handshake file which you want to crack and rockyou.txt is a dictionary file which contains thousands of password. you can choose any password dictionary here.

4. Convert .cap to .hcaapx

I assume that you have the handshake file which has to be cracked. Now if your handshake file has .cap extension then you need to convert it in .hccapx file extension. To do so go to the link given hereΒ


5. Run the attack

Now rename the converted handshake file to capture.hccapx and save in the same location where your attack.bat files exist. Click on the attack.bat file to fire up your brute force attack. If everything is correct till here then your attack will start like this.


Watch the demo on YouTube

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I hope this blog post is useful for you, do let me know your opinion in the comment section below.
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Can I crack a handshake file in windows?

Yes, in fact using the hashcat tool you can crack the handshake file 50 times faster than Linux machine. It is because hashcat in windows uses the GPU power.

Windows or Linux for cracking handshake file?

I will prefer windows because hashcat tool can use GPU power and make the work 50 times faster

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