April 19, 2021

Top 5 myths about software engineer

By Mohit Agrawal

Must known points if you want to become a software engineer


Hello coders 👋 , I hope you are doing well. We live in a society where myths, superstitions, and misconceptions are very common and there are many people who really believe in them. And since we are also a part of the same society so we have some myths about software engineers as well.

If you are a software engineer or want to become one then you should know these 5 myths so that you stop them to impact your career. False assumptions and beliefs can really impact the life of software engineers as well as the whole development process.

I have selected 5 myths as per my opinion but obviously, there are many as well. I request you to please share your thoughts in the comment section so that we will get a chance to know something new.

Myth 1: Degree required for a job


Do you need a degree to become a software developer? No, the world has changed now. There was a time when the degree was everything to get a high package salary job. But now you can get into a software company without having a college degree.

But your knowledge should be like a pro developer. You need to prove yourself and impress the world by showing your work.

Myth 2: You should join FANG only


For those who are still wondering what is FANG?

F – Facebook

A – Amazon

N – Netflix

G – Google

I have seen that there are many developers who just want to join FANG only. The main aim of their life is to crack the interview and into those companies.

But my question is why? There are other companies as well you can join and they also provide a very good salary package with extra benefits as well.

I am not saying that you should not dream about the FANG. You should and also try to join them. But in the meanwhile, you can join other companies and prepare for the FANG’s interview.

Myth 3: Happening life of a Software Engineer


Now let’s talk about the lifestyle of a software developer. Everything looks very cool and happening when you look at someone doing it. But you get to know the bitter truth about it only when you actually do it.

When people look at the software engineer then they think that it is a very easy job. Just you have to sit in the air conditioner room and keep typing.

First of all, nothing is easy in this world. I have seen most of the developers working day and night to meet their deadlines.

Myth 4: Once you get the first job then all set


Most of the college passed out students think that once they get their first job then they are all set for a lifetime. It is like that my friends.

Learning never stops. Suppose you join as a mobile developer in your first company. Now never think that you are settled now. After joining the company also you will have to keep learning new technology because they keep changing. You need to keep updating your knowledge.

Myth 5: I know to code, I am God now


The most common myth nowadays. Most of the developers think that they know how to write beautiful code so they will get a promotion every year and a good salary hike as well. But that is not true.

If you want to survive in a company then you should have other skill set as well like good communication. You should know how to work in a team, how to manage the client and many more things.

My point here is coding is not everything.


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