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October 7, 2020

Android WiFi manager with Example

Getting started with Android WIFI manager Introduction In this android tutorial, I will show you the basics of the android WiFi manager class. First, we will see what is it, and then we will develop an android app that can turn on or turn off the Wifi connection. What is Android WiFi manager class? It is an API to access and control the WIFI device […]

September 30, 2020

Integrate In-App Review API in Android

Let’s explore Google’s In-App Review API for app rating As an android developer, we always want good ratings from the users. It is because Google play store rating plays a crucial role in the app’s popularity. The question is how do you ask your user to rate the app 🙁? The most used approach is by showing a pop-up and redirect the user to the […]

August 31, 2020

Custom Toast in Android

Let’s see how to design Custom Toast in Android Introduction Recently I have written an android tutorial on Toast notification. But then I got bored because of the default black and white design of it. So can’t we design our own custom toast in android 🤔? In today’s tutorial, I will show you how to design custom toast in android. In fact, at the end […]

August 28, 2020

Custom Alert Dialog in Android

Learn how to design custom alert dialog in the android Introduction In one of my recent android tutorials, I have shown How to implement native alert dialog but the default design is a little boring. So today we will see how to design some cool looking custom alert dialog in android. Once you understand the basics then you will be able to design any type […]

August 27, 2020

Different types of AlertDialog in Android

Learn the basic way of implementing different types of AlertDialog in Android Introduction Let’s learn one of the basic concepts of android that is AlertDialog. It is useful when you want to inform the user about some events and giving them a chance to respond to it. In today’s android tutorial I will show you the implementation of AlertDialog with one, two, and three buttons. […]

August 16, 2020

Implementation of QR code generator in Android

Let’s get started with QR code generator in android Introduction In one of my recent projects, I was working on a wallet management app and the requirements were to show user’s details in a QR code. So I found a very easy way of integrating a QR code generator in the android project. Today’s tutorial is going to be very simple but useful. In this […]

August 10, 2020

How to use a Lottie animation progress bar in android?

The concept of Lottie animation progress bar and async task in android Overview Whenever any application does a task which takes a good amount of time to complete then we always see a progress bar. It tells the completion status. The above image shows the default progress bar given in the android. Now the question is Can we use a custom progress bar? In this […]

August 6, 2020

How to use Lottie animation in android

Working with Lottie animation in android In one of my recent iOS tutorial, I have shown you how to use Lottie files in iOS app. Today we will see Lottie animation in the android app. Introduction We will develop a simple android app to demonstrate the implementation of Lottie animation. Before starting the main part lets see what is Lottie? What is Lottie? Lottie is […]

July 21, 2020

How to display Toast notification in android

Introduction Hey guys, this is going to be a very basic android tutorial for the beginners especially. Today, I will show you how to display a toast notification in android. I will design a simple android app that will have one button. And on the click of that button, I will show Toast Notification. What is Toast notification in android? Toast is a small pop […]

July 7, 2020

Firebase OTP authentication in android

Implement the Firebase phone number authentication in your android app Introduction In most of the android app, we go through the sign-up process when we use it the first time. There are many ways to verify the authenticity of users like Google, Facebook, Instagram, and many more. But among all these phone or OTP authentications is very popular. It is because users have to just […]