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#include<Coder Inside>
int main()
printf("Don't be shy!!!");
printf("Email: warmodroid@gmail.com");
return coffee;

It is going to be my first blog and really I don’t know what to share with you guys but I will share something that is obvious. So let’s start …Okay, let me mention that I like to use LINUX OS, not WINDOWS(I really hate windows…don’t ask me the reason ). And now coming to my programming skills I know C, C++, Java, Android, iOS, flutter, PHP. Guys actually programming language doesn’t matter as I think if you are good in logical thinking you can learn any programming language(Can’t say about assembly language..LOL).
And I have developed many Android apps, many are on play store also. What else to share?

Remaining you will get to know in my upcoming blogs.

Why warmodroid?

I always try my best to spread my knowledge with all of my readers. Here at warmodroid you will find mostly tech articles, tutorials, and more tech stuff in simple and understandable language.

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Mohit Agrawal