Top six reasons you should not buy Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

Once check this out before buying S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+

When any new smartphone hits the market, consumers always get confused whether to place an order or to wait how others react to the device.
Recently Samsung launched its new much-awaited Galaxy S8 and S8+, with the fingerprint sensor on the back.

Here, top reasons do not buy Samsung Galaxy S8

    1. Price is too damn high.

      It costs a lot, the S8 model will run you at least $720, which is even more than iPhone 7 and get ready to spend at least $840 for the S8+ model.

    2. Placement of fingerprint sensor

      To make the phone borderless design, the fingerprint sensor is now awkwardly shifted on the back of the phone. The most disappointing thing is the placement of the fingerprint sensor. It’s placed next to the rear camera module, and will definitely cause the camera to get smudged quite often due to accidental fingertips.

    3. Missing some Bixby’s best feature

      Bixby is new AI assistant by Samsung like Google voice and Siri.
      It has three components
      1: BIXBY Home
      2: BIXBY Vision
      3: BIXBY Voice
      Only Home and Vision components are launched. BIXBY Voice is not yet launched.
      But You’ll still be able to use its Bixby Vision feature to identify objects with the S8’s camera. Other Bixby features like Reminders and Home will available, too. But if you’re keen on controlling your phone with your voice, you may want to delay that S8 purchase until Samsung comes through with the promised update.

    4. RAM

      I do not know why Samsung has decided to stick with 4GB of RAM for both S8 and S8+. Cost is around $720 and only 4GB RAM. They should have given at least 6GB of RAM.

    5. Gigabit LTE support but not for Indians

      The new Galaxy S8 is among first to support Gigabit LTE but this feature is useless in India. Only Hyderabad will enjoy this speeds

    6. Same Old Camera

      No major Camera updates from their predecessor’s phone like S7 a rear camera is a 12MP unit, while there’s an 8MP front-facing shooter.



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