How can someone earn money using Photoshop.

Design and earn.

Here you start

We all want to make money using our skills and talent. It is personal thought of earning extra income. So I found out that college student can easily earn extra money using photoshop skills if they have. I thought of writing a blog on this. In this blog, I am going to discuss some ways to make Money using Photoshop.

  1. Photoshop Tutorials

Trust me If you have awesome photoshop skills then you can make tutorials and upload on youtube. Also, you can write your own blog.You need to write a clean blog with at least 1000 words and detailed step by step screenshots.

2. Work on projects

The best way to utilize your Photoshop skills is There you will find a lot of projects on which you can work on. The money is not so nice and it is just $5 per project. However, you can increase the money by providing extra services like you can charge $30 for completing the project in just one day or $30 for providing the PSD file and so on.

3. Make money by creating stock photos

Stock photography like and are good ways to earn money. I think if you like photoshop, then I am sure you love photography too. Upload your photo to these websites and you can earn anywhere from 20% to 65% of the sale price of your stock photos, depending on the exclusivity of your offering.


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