Do you get emotional about programming?

Here you start.

Hey developers, In this blog I want to share something different but not apart from programming. This is going to about your feelings and programming. Guys emotions are great they can take you to next level of success but not here. If you think that you are really emotionally attached to a particular programming language lets say C or C++ then it can let you down.

Okay, now its time to share my own experience with you guys. I started my journey of coding with C language as we all do with “Hello World” program. I was very impressed by seeing the output on the typical blank screen. This made to learn C language by heart and I started to write my own C code within few days then I developed a puzzle game. Guys those days were like I got possessed by C and because of that I refused to learn C++ and Java because I only wanted to do with C. Now here is the main thing when I got certified with C, I started looking for a nice project in a company and I got one very soon.

The project was to make backend system according to company requirements and I was told that “Whichever language you want to choose it does not matter but at the end of the internship I want result”.

I said okay, no problem I will deliver the product before the deadline. Yes, guys, I used C language, after day and night of coding I came up with a nice working model of a software as expected by the company. I was very excited to show this to company head. Guys, now you can’t even think what happened to me and my lovely C project. I was told only one sentence ” I did not like it because you have done it in C” and literally I had to throw my code in the garbage.

It all happened because I was just emotionally attached to one programming language. So what about you guys? Are you emotionally attached to any language or something like this happened to you then please comment below and let us know.


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