Crack wifi handshake using hashcat in windows.

Why windows GPU power?

Let me start by explaining that why are we going to use windows GPU power but not the traditional way of cracking using Linux. The obvious answer to this question is speed. Yes using windows GPU you can crack WPA/WPA2 handshake 50 times faster compared to your Linux system. This what known as a “hack like a pro bro”.

What all do you need?

  • Handshake file of a WIFI which you want to crack.
  • Password list which contains all the possible password (also known as wordlist or password dictionary)
  • Most important i.e. hashcat tool.

Now follow these steps

  1. First, you need to download the hashcat tool which I will be using here. I found this tool better compare to other tools available on the internet.
    Click to download hashcat binaries file from here
  2. Unzip the downloaded file to any specific location as shown in the video given below. Now copy your dictionary file inside the folder which you have unzipped.
  3. Now create one file with “.bat” extension and name it to attack. Inside “attack.bat” file copy these two lines and paste it. The two lines are:

    hashcat64.exe -m 2500 capture.hccapx rockyou.txt

  4. Now if your handshake file has the .cap extension then you need to convert it in .hccapx file extension. To do so go to the link given here For more help check out the video given below.
  5. Now click on the attack.bat file to fire up your brute force attack.


Follow the video tutorial and given source code.

In this tutorial I am not promoting any illegal activities. This tutorial is only for educational purpose.

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